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18 Oct

One year later, the modelling of the the brand’s sales via the distributor panel confirms the results of the Trade off survey conducted by Repères in 2018.

24 Sep

Agility is an imperative to imagine, design and propose more relevant methodologies and solutions in process marketing and studies. It has even become a new requirement.

23 Jul

The 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium is taking place this year from 28 July to 1 August in Edinburgh, under the theme “Engage with the Future”. Repères will of course be present to present two innovative approaches.

22 May

With increasingly sophisticated consumers, CSR positioning of brands is becoming essential today. However, opting for a speech on a CSR commitment means exposing yourself to the risk of media bashing. So, which posture to adopt ?

15 May

A successful brand is a brand that maintains the link with its customers throughout their journey. Discover how Repères by integrating R3m Score© revolutionizes the understanding of the customer journey.

02 May

Because the satisfaction of our customers is at the core of our concerns, personalized assistance is now available on our website.

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