Case studies

Étude de cas 15/03/2021

How to identify the winning codes of premium lipstick packaging in China?

Discover how the use of our R3m Score emotional measurement helped our client, a major player in the luxury cosmetics industry, to identify the winning codes of the packaging on the Chinese market, and thus define its strategy to optimize the pack of its brands. The brief: Although it is not the #1 criterion for […]

Étude de cas 21/12/2020

Test the effectiveness and understanding of your positioning on pack

Discover how the use of our R3m Score tool helped our client poulehouse to evaluate the performance of its positioning.

Livre blanc 25/10/2018

Go further than just watchfulness with Trend Scoring

Discover the foundations of this revolutionary method through 5 food trends of the future unveiled for you!

Livre blanc 14/09/2018

Evaluate emotionally a gastronomic experience

Discover the use of the R3m© Score for our client “Institut Paul Bocuse” and its various gastronomic dishes

Étude de cas 13/09/2018

Enrich perfume tests with an emotional diagnosis

Discover how Takasago has reinvented its sniff-tests by integrating an emotional measure to help perfumers better understand the performance of their juices and optimize them quickly and efficiently. The brief: to go beyond the rational approaches of classic sniff-tests (often lacking in discrimination and understanding), by integrating an emotional measure that is simple to set […]

Étude de cas 12/09/2018

Test your marketing actions by identifying Reflex Assets

Discover or rediscover our presentation of the use of the R3m Score tool by our client Heineken to test its marketing actions and measure their effectiveness.

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