Quickly test and identify your winning concepts

22 Apr

Quickly test and identify your winning concepts

In a world of fast-moving markets and rapidly changing consumer needs, effective methods for developing and testing new concepts are essential. That’s why we offer a concept screening approach that combines emotional measurement and dynamic analysis to quickly score your concepts. This innovative approach provides a precise and effective diagnosis, essential for the development of products and services that truly meet consumer expectations. 

Emotional measurement to complement rational indicators 

Unlike traditional approaches that focus primarily on consumers’ rational responses, at the risk of limiting the emergence of high-potential innovations, our technique enables us to capture and analyze the (often unconscious) emotional reactions to a new concept. These spontaneous reactions provide valuable insights that go beyond simple quantitative data. They enable us to understand how consumers really feel about a product or service, providing a more accurate picture of consumer engagement. 

Thanks to our R3m Score© tool, which translates consumers’ spontaneous expressions into emotional intensity via an emotional weighting algorithm applied to language, we are able to quantify consumers’ emotional reaction and identify the elements that contribute most to this activation (using spontaneously associated strengths and weaknesses) from 3 spontaneous words. 

In this way, all it takes is a very short questionnaire (3 spontaneous words, a few rational KPIs and key image items) to evaluate each concept and screen a large number of concepts in succession. 

Dynamic concept scoring 

The other key point of our approach is the analysis of concept performance according to consumerspropensity to adopt innovations, based on Everett Rogers‘ theory of the diffusion of innovations. 

By interviewing both consumers who are particularly open to innovation (“actors” of innovation, pioneers or followers, who will be the quickest to adopt innovations in your sector), and those who are more reluctant to innovate (“spectators”, slower to convince), we offer a comprehensive and dynamic analysis of the potential of each concept to assess potential and maturity.  

Fast, operational insights 

This unique process combining emotional reactions and adoption dynamics not only quantifies and prioritizes the concepts with the greatest potential, but also provides a detailed diagnosis based on spontaneous consumer reactions to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each concept, and how the concept can be improved.  

A complete and quick diagnosis to help you make informed decisions and guide your development efforts strategically ! 


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