Understanding your market and supporting your growth strategy

Repères assists and helps you to succeed in your development in full knowledge of the facts

Understanding expectations, identifying trends to control development.

In an ever-changing world, where innovations meet ever more demanding but unstable consumer profiles, it is important to know your market, potential or existing, in order to control it.

Your need

Seeking out in vivo consumer insights

Understand your targets in a concrete way in their relation to products and real uses, with the possibility of a live, in vivo and long-term follow-up.

Two exploratory qualitative approaches that help you better understand your targets in the appropriation of a category or a product.

Ethno Immersion

Proximity at the heart of the consumer environment

  • In situ interview (at home, at the office, trip, shop along…)
  • Rituals and practices recorded and commented on “think aloud”
  • Videos & photos of the living environment
  • Possibility of injecting concepts, products and/or testing galenics to identify marketing and sensory leverage

Explo Blog

An exploration of #Live consumption behaviors to better understand needs, even unsuspected ones

  • Sharing of individual and/or collective experience without geographical constraints
  • Spontaneous and Free Expression
  • Diversity of expression (text, image, picture, video…)
  • Live follow-up by the advertiser with permanent communication


Repères +

Hybrid approach between inventory and prospective vision

Long-term community

Proactive, projective and playful animation

Understanding and measuring behaviors, customs and attitudes

Analyze in depth customs and attitudes of your consumers & prescribers, and identify the different customer categories and their weight.

We have been practicing U&A and customer segmentation research for many years, with particular care in the analysis of issues.

A combination of ethno, qual & quant skills for an in-depth 360° analysis of the results.

  • Get a complete overview of custom and behavior
  • Explore the covered or uncovered needs
  • Discover the positioning of the leading brands: their strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify product development opportunities for each customer segment
Repères +

An improved quality of typology thanks to Bayesian Networks

A data treatment directly carried out by the person in charge of your project

A 100% collaborative partnership through workshops with your team

Understanding consumers sensory preferences

Segment your consumers according to their sensory expectations and define for each segment the sensory profile of the ideal product through preference mapping.

With preference mapping, or prefmap, understand and shape your consumers preferences to innovate and accurately brief R&D.

You want to refresh your offer, widen your range, check that your products are still in line with the sensory expectations of consumers?

This datamining method allows to measure the preference of consumers on a wide range of products (minimum 10) and to make the link with the sensory or “technical” profile (sensory analysis made by trained experts or other objective data):

  • Identify the consumers preferred product and key sensory drivers to target (ideal sensory profile)
  • Separate consumers according to their sensory expectations, in order to develop an offer adapted to each target group
  • Identify development opportunities and model consumer appreciation of new products
Repères +

Can be combined with our R3m Score© solution to provide exact diagnostic

A better targeting thanks to our exclusive segmentation

Identifying key drivers for your targets

Discern and quantify what is most important to your consumers with the Bayesian Networks method, to determine the priority drivers for your marketing strategies.

Over the past 10 years, Repères has developed a unique expertise around Bayesian Networks, applied to your data, in order to determine your priority action leverage.

A powerful probabilistic statistical tool to better understand your consumers attitudes and discover what impacts their judgment.

  • Identify the links between all variables and creation of big dimensions (factors) by synthesizing information
  • Model the impacts of the different factors on a variable to be explained (purchase intention, satisfaction, overall liking…)
  • Identify and measure the best optimization strategies
Repères +

More precise recommendations for operating the right optimization drivers
Can be combined with your sensory data

Structuring your market based on consumer perception

Discover how consumers structure a market and position its players with Categorized Napping.

Consumers do not necessarily have the same criteria as manufacturers. Categorized Napping® by Repères is ideal for discovering how consumers structure a market and position players.

Get up to 12 stimuli at the same time (textures, perfumes, tastes, concepts, packs, brands, etc.)

  • Identify product “territory” with consumer vocabulary
  • Discover consumer differentiation and segmentation criteria
  • Measure differences between products with the representation of a competitive area as perceived by consumers
  • Discern many product tracks
Repères +

A spontaneous and playful method where the consumer creates his/her own groups

An adjustable and customizable tool (list of items, colors,…)

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