Understanding the experience & going beyond simple performance analysis

Understanding what really matters, identifying the right innovation at the right time to improve the customer experience.

Understanding the experience

From now on, it is the consumer who says what he wants, when he wants and where he wants. Emotional, subjective, changing, the new consumer is very connected, participative.
As a result he has become demanding, impatient, and over-requested.

If your challenge is to innovate, be different, close to your audience or accessible to your customers, we offer solutions for a successful transition.

Your need

Collecting more relevant consumer insights

Going beyond the simple analysis of the product performance by a finer exploitation of experience feedback.

With Repères, discover what really matters and act accordingly:
  • by understanding the emotional activation of the consumer towards the products he consume: with our exclusive tool, the R3m score©, we better discriminate your offer, and you finally understand the real experience.
  • by identifying key product dimensions from the consumer’s point of view. By identifying the strongest insights, we bring out what makes the essence of the product and conditions the rational discourse of the consumer.
  • by incorporating subjective questions: we enable consumers to explain their experience with products and to take stock of their experience.

Collecting the consumer experience in real time

Differentiate yourself by being as close as possible to the consumer-product relationship via a real-time collection.

Be as close as possible to the consumer-product relationship through a spontaneous and quick #Live data collection.

In order to avoid questions after many days of use, requiring too much memory effort and rationalizing the experience.

We design protocols:

  • to collect fresh data as the product is used (via mobile phones),
  • while the final questioning allows to evaluate the experience lived (either online or face-to-face, depending on the duration of the interview or the requirement of the protocol).

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