Brand Positioning Test and Pack execution

14 May

Brand Positioning Test and Pack execution

Are you sure that your perceived brand positioning corresponds to desired brand positioning?

How can you ensure that your positioning is effective, understood by consumers, and reflected through your packs and marketing actions?

In a saturated market where differentiation is a strategic imperative, positioning and its proper execution through packs and marketing actions are the cornerstones of any brand’s success. 

Our approach enables you to understand, evaluate and optimize these elements by addressing a dual set of issues: 

  • Is my positioning understood by consumers? Are its specific features clearly perceived? What are its emotional potential and level of performance? 
  • Does my pack accurately reflect my positioning? What are its key values and which values are missing? How can it be optimised? 

The main goal here is to ensure that the desired brand image is in line with how it is perceived by consumers. 

Emotional Input: The Key to Understand Sticking and Bonding Points 

We remain convinced by the fact that a reasoned response is not enough. More than rationally evaluating brand positioning with consumers, we also access what these feel (i.e. the realm of senses and automatisms) thanks to their spontaneous evocations in order to: 

  • Understand what sticks with the consumer and creates a bond with the brand; 
  • Detect uniqueness and assets, beyond the limits of rationality. 

Our R3mScore© tool translates consumers’ spontaneous expressions into emotional intensity by using an algorithm to perform the emotional weighting of language. Thanks to this tool, we are able to quantify the emotional reaction and identify the elements that contribute most to this activation (i.e. spontaneously associated strengths and weaknesses). 

Our approach is very simple and quick to implement. The diagnosis is carried out online, with each respondent evaluating one stimulus (either brand positioning or a packaging visual), via a very short questioning: 3 spontaneous words, enriched with a few rational KPIs, key image items and a ‘hotspot’ (i.e. focus on certain areas of the pack). 

This twofold rational and emotional analysis of consumer feelings will enable you to: 

  • Confirm the appeal of brand positioning itself and identify the words that create support for pack redesign; 
  • Analyse the pack itself and compare it to brand positioning, in order to confirm that values and performance of the brand positioning are being properly conveyed, and to identify any missing or new values provided by the pack. 

  • Evaluate each element of the pack and cross-reference them with emotional activation to better understand the emotional levers/brakes induced by the packs, and detect areas for optimization. 

The R3mScore© approach is relevant for all elements of the mix (pack, advertising, activations, commercial operations, etc.) and adaptable to any goal you may pursue: brand repositioning, launching of a new brand, brand stretching harmless for your brand’s DNA, etc. 

 Any questions? We’d love to hear from you! 


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