Our philosophy

Repères, the research and emotional marketing institute dedicated to the exploration of consumer insights to strategically support brands

At the heart of innovation for nearly 40 years, Repères is a leader in product testing and consumer experience while developing a unique brand experience.

Thanks to our values, our teams, our independence and our human-sized structure, we strive to develop a close and quality relationship, while remaining flexible.

Because of that we can agilely accompany our customers in the construction of the best product or service offer, to maximize the impact of their marketing mix and strengthen the link between consumers or customers and their brand.


Why our signature « #WhatReallyMatters » ?

Because it’s important to make the right decisions quickly and straightforwardly.

We help our customers to develop their business and focus on what really matters by removing the noise in the data, the insignificant information, the demonstration, to only leave room for the essentials, for key lessons learned, for operational recommendations, for conviction.

Because it is necessary to combine rational and emotional to obtain the real consumer perception.

To understand what is important, we go beyond the declarative, beyond the rational, to identify the real drivers of appreciation and behaviour. Our methods are based on the latest theoretical bases (importance of emotions in decision-making processes) and our resources prioritize spontaneity and quick access to the information that really matters.

Because you need clear deliverables and operational recommendations.

Our reports and presentations, highlighting key insights, are transferable and mobilizing, for clear and effective actions. We offer documents adapted to each in-house representative of our clients: from executive summary for top management to detailed results for research managers.
#WhatDoesNotMatter : non-significant information, size of reports, demonstration (vs. conviction)

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