Building the best offer & maximizing its adoption

Repères guides you in the creation of the most popular product or service offer to maximize your ROI

Identifying the best ideas, co-creating an innovation to predict future adoption.

Because the success of a new offer is not just a coincidence, it is essential to challenge the innovation process. With the concept test, the product insights and the decision process analysis: create a better, relevant and differentiating offer.

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Co-creating a concept with your consumers and/or teams

Innovate by placing your consumers or employees at the heart of the value creation process.

With its Design Thinking and Créa Blog approaches, Repères makes your innovation processes more efficient.

Design Thinking

Our approach combines several objectives to make innovation processes more dynamic and efficient:

  • Adopt a more “customer centric” vision by boosting the knowledge of your customers internally (through an explo-ethnographic stage)
  • Engage and involve all the strengths of your teams in the innovation process
  • Create concepts in line with consumer expectations through an iterative process of testing and optimization

Crea Blog

Emergence of breakthrough propositions, based on a co-creation work using digital technology:

  • Bring ideas to the forefront through a two-week online, forward-looking and interactive brainstorming session with target consumers
  • Get your offer evaluated thanks to a Consumer-Advertisers-Foresight agency-Repères collaborative work and let’s develop together your concepts for the future
Repères +

High expertise in consumer observation and questioning, including sensory and experiential dimensions
Co-creation through tailor-made concept and creative techniques workshops
Creation of insights and qualitative concepts tests with consumers

Innovating through product insights

Discover the true identity and dynamic territory of your product to create an attractive and respectful mix

The qualitative approach Product Insight: a true knowledge of the product’s identity and dynamic territory, to develop an attractive and innovative mix.

A product is not limited to its organoleptic reality, it is impregnated with essential sensory and emotional values to communicate the uniqueness of a brand, a mix.

From decoding the sensory and emotional reality of a product offer:

  • Innovate
  • Increase your brand equity
  • Define your territory of evolution
  • Develop a mix
  • Develop a concept in line with your product reality

Qualitative approach in projective groups and/or individual interviews.

Repères +

Animation process based on projected techniques
Mental and emotional openness through various methods and supports
Creating a story of the mix in storytelling mode
Creative collages on mood boards

Evaluating the potential of your concepts

Make a thorough diagnosis of your concepts and measure their acceptability by your consumers.

With its concept screening, Repères goes beyond a mere hierarchy of concepts to be prioritized.

We carry out a complete and personalized diagnosis to identify the strengths and areas of optimization of your future developments, including the rational and emotional factors that influence the success of your concepts.

  • Identify the most promising concepts to feed your innovation “pipe”
  • Adapt deceptive concepts that are valued by your company: from an in-depth rework to the details that need to be optimized
  • Get out of database constraints, most often inappropriate because compiling products which are neither at the same stage of development, nor intended for the same target, nor evaluated in the same form

Quantitative approach of concept testing that can be carried out face-to-face or online

Repères +

No limitations to calibrate the formatting of your concepts or targets according to pre-established standards
Flexible questionnaire answering your specific questions and constraints
Beyond universal dimensions, themes and image items calibrated by our experts according to your market
Better recommendations thanks to spontaneous emotional, imaginary or factual evocations in addition to quantitative KPIs

Understanding the purchasing process

Analyze your consumers choices in their purchase and improve your sales with the Trade Off.

Faced with an offer, the decision-making choices of consumers are often unconscious. The conjoint analysis or Trade off conducted by our teams helps you to understand this decision-making.

Would you like to estimate the potential of a new product, optimize your marketing mix, build up a range of offers or measure the price elasticity for an offer?

With its solid expertise in trade off on many sectors, Repères assists you in understanding consumer compromises and so on:

  • Identify the importance of criteria (price, brand, service, etc.) in the choice process and the usefulness of different modalities (price levels for exemple)
  • Model choice processes to help developing the best offer, maximizing consumers preference
Repères +

Significant sector expertise: in particular food, transport and mobile telephony

Consulting role throughout the study: from the definition of your needs to operational recommendations

Delivery of easy-to-use simulation tools for easy data processing

Creating your optimal range

Maximize the number of satisfied consumers by optimizing the composition of your range with the TURF analysis.

The Repères TURF method maximizes the number of consumers satisfied with a range by identifying attractive varieties that cover the diversity of preferences.

Would you like to define the ideal range for a new product category, or optimize an existing range by launching one or more new varieties, in addition to or replacing existing ones?

Our Turf approach makes it possible to decide between offers that meet expectations that are not yet covered but which have a low potential, and offers close to existing products (risk of cannibalization), but benefiting from a high level of attractiveness and innovative positioning:

  • Understand your category by identifying the different clusters of expectations existing on the market
  • Establish a review of the requirements coverage by the current range if existing (and by the competition)
  • Evaluate the attractiveness of tested offers and get a profile of their target audience
  • Model your ideal range with our simulation tool. It measures the additional demand that could be generated by adding a new variety (increase in Number of Buyers and/or the ratio Quantity Bought/Number of Buyers)
Repères +

Limitation of the risk of cannibalization by avoiding the choice of too market niche offers

Identification and description of the target group of segmented offers

Delivery of a customized Excel module to easily carry out your own range simulations

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