R3mBrand Score

The R3mBrand score: understanding what your brand has managed to put in the consumer’s mind

Applied to brands, the R3m© score method identifies and weights what is written at a reflex/automatic level in the consumer’s mind and which will be the driving force behind choice behaviours:

You develop a new pack design or launch a new advertising campaign?
Would you like to test the impact and consistency of your marketing actions with regard to your strategy?

Our R3m Reflex Assets© Score approach allows you to :

  •  Identify the key dimensions of your brand that leave a mark in the consumer’s brain. They will drive its decision-making processes.
  • Measure how marketing actions impact on these assets: strengthening the link between brand and consumer, reduction, new associations of ideas…


The R3m scoreBrand in practice

A very efficient system
This device is based on a single question, asked to the respondent. It is a device that is easy to implement and adapts to different audiences.

A spontaneous approach
There is no induction in the question asked, the answers collected are spontaneous.

A multi-criteria algorithm
Developed with language specialists, this algorithm allows you to measure Reflex Assets© of brands in a new and powerful way.

This solution can also be applied to one or more of your products. To discover the R3m© Product score, click here.

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