Trend scoring

In a world in perpetual motion, detecting promising trends with greater emotional capital is key to successfully innovating and developing turnover and margins.

It is still necessary to make the right choices, and to measure the real responsiveness of people and this “just in time”.

Thanks to the R3m© tool and its algorithm, Repères in collaboration with the Proâme agency allows you to access the golden triangle of trends with:

  • a permanent pool of sourced trends, appraised at the heart of drivers and promising trends.
  • innovative scoring, based on the emotional activation of consumers or customers, which allows you to analyse their true feelings, values, needs and desires but also to detect the obstacles to be removed
  • results by wave according to the sectors that allow you to innovate with agility without committing to long surveys.


Trend scoring: to go further than a simple monitoring!

Combining quantitative scores and spontaneous verbatims, the R3m Score© provides real drivers and keys of understanding for marketers or R&I teams to defend their innovation plans.

Fields already investigated :




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