Emotional Monitoring©

Manage your strategy with our Emotional Monitoring© method:
track and control the emotional link of your brand on consumers

Understanding the relationship with the consumer

Because the connection to your brand goes beyond the rational, Emotional Monitoring©:

- Measures the emotional relevance of your strategy and proposes adjustments for a better expression of your values
- Strengthens the emotional link with the consumer by analyzing what makes you different and ensures the quality of the link through a follow-up
- Helps to develop your brand platform for a perfect emotional connection with your customers

An exclusive approach that goes beyond qual-quant divisions

Emotional Monitoring© is a tool to measure the real emotional relationship with the client:

- Projective questioning (120 respondents per brand, online collection). We are completely into spontaneous, verbatim collection, without any rationalization.
- The values transmitted through your actions are finally understood and evaluated, on a dynamic mode, easy to follow, modulate and reorientate.

Estimate your brand in monadic, with the possibility of a bench cell (a competitor or your brand through a new platform or an advertising campaign...).
This method won the Silver Trophy in 2009, and the Gold Trophy in 2010, of the Grand Prix des Etudes Marketing (marketing research award).

Our solution is:

Adaptable to all targets

your customers, prospects, age groups...

Flexible over time

for long-term monitoring (every 2-3 years) or specifically to measure ongoing actions

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