Replay Webinar : measure of sound

24 Jun


Sound is a major component of the customer experience (product use, pack, overall experience…), but yet often forgotten in consumer research.

Discover how to optimize your mix by integrating sound in a simple and agile test: a spontaneous and emotional evaluation to measure and understand the impact of sound on consumer perception.

A new measurement, based on spontaneous and emotional reactions, to understand the impact of sound on consumer perception:

  • Measure and discriminate different sounds to identify which ones delight (or irritate) consumers the most,
  • Evaluate the impact of the sounds, their perceptions and associated evocative territories (functional and emotional): description, evocations, induced image (positioning and characteristics), identification / encoding / link to the brand…
  • Identify the key drivers for a successful sound, in line with the desired positioning/mix
  • Predicting emotional activation via acoustic data modeling (expert or technical data)


Discover this approach through two case studies in the cosmetics and automobile industries:

  • Packaging sounds: evaluation of a dozen make-up packs through their opening or closing sound
  • Car door sounds: evaluation of 8 vehicles and modeling to predict consumer reaction


Download the presentation here.
The replay of the webinar is here

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