The Yuka application, a new model?

28 Nov


Should we be afraid of the Yuka application ?

Yuka has changed consumer habits and seems to be becoming the reference in terms of product choice. But is the application so reliable? On what criteria can we determine the quality of a product ?

Just a reminder, each item is rated out of 100 according to its nutritional qualities (60% of the note), the presence of additives (30% of the note) and its biological dimension (10% of the note).

If the application reinforces some so-called “healthy” products, we recognize controversial ratings with, for example, children’s cereals that are well rated because without additives, whereas we may be surprised to see that they contain a high proportion of sugar.

Concerning additives, the source of identification remains unclear and not always scientific. On the Yuka site, we learn that developers base themselves on elements that are not always objective and select the informations that arrange them to highlight more alarmist results than the average.

In conclusion, even if Yuka is a network of significant influence in consumer purchasing processes today, despite possible inconsistencies in ratings, it indirectly invests a role with brands, particularly in the development of CSR initiatives. This is certainly becoming the new model for creating value for brands.

In an era where a new digital reality is changing habits and where brands must behave ethically and transparently, Repères is there to support its clients in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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