Repères at Pangborn 2019

23 Jul


Repères will be present at Pangborn 2019 event for two interventions

The 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium is taking place this year from 28 July to to the 1st of August in Edinburgh, under the theme “Engage with the Future”. Repères will be at the event to present two innovative approaches.

Immersive sensory booths to capture consumers’ perception of desserts according to the context.

Recent studies have shown that immersing consumers in test conditions as close as possible to reality (immersive rooms, virtual reality…) makes it possible to bring more discrimination in product perceptions and descriptions. Based on this observation, Repères has set up an experimental test on dessert products in individual cabins equipped with sensory devicess (image, sounds, smells, sensations). Three test environments were recreated: a “lunch break in the company” context and a “cocooning at home evening” context versus an atmosphere without sensory effects.

This protocol validated and enriched several hypotheses on the possible effects of immersion in sensory cabins. Anne-Charlotte Brasset, Quantitative Research Director at Repères, will highlight the important learnings of this study during this intervention, particularly concerning the differences in perceptions that have been identified between the different immersion contexts.

July 31, 2019, 14:10 – 16:10, Room: Pentland


In parallel, a poster will be presented on “measuring consumers’ emotional feelings to detect and prioritize the most promising trends: helping R&D teams to innovate more effectively”.

Innovation is at the heart of the development of all companies. Anticipating future trends is a key issue to be at the forefront of your market, to differentiate yourself from the competition and to ensure its development. Today, whatever the market we are working on, there are a multitude of offers for monitoring, detecting ideas and trends, and diverse and varied sources of inspiration.

But how do you sort it out? How to identify the most promising trends?  How can we help R&D teams make the right choice, on an objective and quantifiable basis (and not just on the feeling)?

Our unprecedented approach to scoring ideas / trends is based on the spontaneous language of consumers, to go beyond rational and convenience responses and be more predictive. In just 3 spontaneous words, our exclusive R3m Score© algorithm allows you to score and prioritize trends (detected upstream by internal teams or by an external monitoring firm). The result? A dynamic reading of the appropriation of innovation by consumers (Early adopters vs. Followers or refractory).

July 29, 2019, 4:10 pm – 6:00 pm, Room: Lennox Suite


For more details on these two interventions, contact Anne-Charlotte Brasset, Quantitative Research Director :

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