R3mUX Score

The R3m UX Score: understand the key moment of consumer experience


Clients becoming more and more demanding, brand have to offer a fluid and innovative shopping experience according to consumers’ expectations.
With an answer in 3 words, our R3mUX Score approach allows to :
– Identify key dimensions of consumer experience, ones that let an emotional mark and will be genuine markers / motivations of consumer’s future behaviors.
– Verify the effects of site optimizations and redevelopments on shopper experience.

After the experience, emotional activation is measured thanks to our multi-criteria algorithm : grammatical nature of the quoted words, logic of enunciation (description, judgment, metaphor…), valence, range, consensus…


The R3mUX Score in practice

An efficient collection method
Ask only one question. Easy to execute and adapted for all target audiences.

A “system 1” approach
Our approach is based on spontaneity without induction.

A flexible device
Its very simple collection method is adapted to all audiences, including children, and to all situations: online, face-to-face, by phone, at home, on site…


This solution can also be applied to your brand or your product : find out more about the R3mBrand Score click here and R3mProduct Score


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