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Consumer Connect On Line
Consumer Connect is intended to introduce a close contact between marketing teams and consumers through direct and privileged interaction. We know that on line communication is developing day by day (namely in France) and is even becoming a spontaneous and sincere mode of expression. Far from introducing a distance or an artificial aspect it creates a truly new proximity. Moreover in this new increasingly more "natural" and popular form of expression a new « symmetrical» mode of exchange is emerging: Dialogue is conducted on an equal footing. This promotes a more direct, sincere and collaborative form of communication between consumers and brands. It is therefore a perfectly legitimate approach and presents an opportunity for developing Consumer Connect on line. ...

Consumer Connect
To understand a segment or to allow a new idea to emerge, spontaneity and reflection are required.

Research studies stimulate and support marketing via a better understanding of the consumer and an in-depth exploration of target areas.

However, the spontaneous dimension is not always called upon, marketing actors remaining at a certain "distance" from consumers:
• they remain in the position of an observer.
• research is conducted rigorously (objectives defined, pre-defined questions, neutrality of the moderator) and doesn't allow for reactive marketing. ...

Flavour Screening
Optimise your range of products by identifying varieties with the greatest potential in
terms of concept and after tasting ...

Rapid response®
Clients often have a large number of new product ideas at their disposal and wish to determine which ones are considered interesting by consumers and therefore merit development of the mix (product formula, packaging etc...) ...

The concept workshop
Developing a new concept and optimising it so that it exactly matches the expectations of a target group of consumers is often a long and difficult process. A precise positioning corresponding to an identified expectation (a "consumer insight") needs to be defined for the new concept, and this positioning expressed in a clear manner that can easily be appropriated by the consume ...

Conjoint analysis
When choosing a product out of several, consumers opt for "the best compromise". They choose the one that, based on their perceptions, best meets their expectations. They therefore give preference to certain product attributes to the detriment of others which are less important for them.
The Trade-Off model, or conjoint analysis, enables us to measure not only buying behaviour, but also to explain how and why purchasing decisions are made.
Knowledge of the decision process obviously enables us to influence future purchasing decisions. ...

Preference mapping
Marketing teams cannot content themselves with just knowing whether or not consumers like their product. They also have to understand the reasons for this overall opinion, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product to provide guidance for optimisation. But consumers are not capable of explaining their evaluations in a precise and reliable manner, and even less of describing with precision what their ideal product would be. They have neither the sensory capacities, nor the vocabulary necessary. Preference mapping enables us to resolve this problem ...

Driver analysis

Monitoring products' key criteria with Driver Analysis
Which are the most interesting drivers to optimize my offer?
What performance to expect after optimization? ...

Target insight®
We know that consumers don't all have the same tastes or behavioural patterns. Some quantitative studies enable us to identify segments of the population with the same tastes (preference mapping) or buying behaviours (information from a databank for example) ...




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