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Blog of the CEO
Doing Business in an Expanding Reality - blog of the CEO of Reperes - Passion for research ...

Emotional monitoring
We now know that a brand exists and evolves well beyond its functional value. Not only does it offer consumers concrete benefits, but it constructs a whole emotional background with them which is reflected in and acts on several dimensions ...

Our Credo/Our Philosophy
Repères cultivates its passion for research by respecting four values essential to the quality of its work, the recognition of its clients and the development of its staff. ...

Presentation of the company
For nearly 30 years, Repères has been helping companies design, develop and optimise their offers of products and services. ...

Our team
A network of consultants comprising psychologists,sociologists and semiologists, along with external advisors (economists,doctors…) regularly contribute to our work. ...

Since 1980, Repères has made customized qualitative and quantitative marketing research its specialty.

Empowered by the human, theoretical and technical capital it has acquired, Repères implements innovative, operational methods truly adapted to your specific needs.




Repères récompensé par l'IREP pour la méthode de mesure des ACTIFS REFLEXES©

Comment une rupture méthodologique dans les études peut-elle donner accès à une nouvelle réalité émotionnelle de la marque ?

Etude exclusive AgroParistech et Repères réalisée en salle immersive poly-sensorielle

Reperes est heureux de vous inviter au Printemps des Etudes, qui se tiendra les 20 et 21 avril 2017 au Palais Brongniart à Paris.

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