Our team
François ABIVEN
Chairman and Managing Director (Chief Executive Officer)
With Repères since 1993, where he has developed his passion for research and innovating associating all available expertise.
Contact: f.abiven@reperes.net

Christian HARDY
Assistant General Manager
With Repères since 1990. His love of brands and his expertise in cosmetics, perfumery and luxury products makes Repères a privileged partner in these sectors.
Contact: cha@reperes.net

Associate Director
At Repères since 1999. The wide scope of her expertise in different sectors and methodologies is at the heart of the customised positioning of Repères.
Contact: c.schutz@reperes.net

Antoine MERY
Associate Director
With Repères since 1996. Fascinated by the food-processing sector, he is in charge of major international accounts for product and product mix optimisation strategies.
Contact: a.mery@reperes.net

Development of Methods
Has been working with Repères since 1990. Her expertise in psychology is at the inception of several outstanding innovations such as Emotional Monitoring ® and Product Insight ®.
Contact: m.lallier@reperes.net

A network of consultants comprising psychologists, sociologists and semiologists, along with external advisors (economists, doctors…) regularly contribute to our work.