Driver studies
Bayesian Networks

During the last fifteen years, at Repères we have developed in-depth expertise in analysing research data in order to model consumer preferences.

Since then data sources have developed among businesses: research data, customer and panel information, product specifications, purchase information… Processed with the appropriate methods, such data can deliver much information, and provide remarkable insights into consumer behaviours. We are committed to bringing such information to light to help our clients optimise their marketing actions.


The Data Mining Department may intervene either independently, based on data provided by our clients, or in synergy with a Repères research approach.

Preference mapping: prediction of consumer preference as a function of the technical characteristics of the products (sensory or instrumental data).

Driver analysis for global appreciation or purchase intention.
Trade-Off: modelling of the process for the choice of consumers.
Consumer segmentations: knowledge of the market, segmentation of the offer.

The Tools

In accordance with Repères values, we are involved in updating the tools of the profession: we have developed cutting edge expertise in the use of Bayesian Networks, a particularly effective and innovative modelling technique.

The Data Mining Department is devoted to working within the context of ad hoc problems. We are very flexible and committed to providing you with the best methodology according to your needs.

So if you have plenty of data, but no time to handle it, do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact : François ABIVEN,