Flavour Screening

Flavour Screening

«Optimise your range of products by identifying varieties with the greatest potential in terms of concept and after tasting»

To select the offers most likely to compose a new range or to complete an existing range of products (aromas, flavours, variations,...), Repères proposes a cost effective methodology which offers a complete and directly operational evaluation.

The principle of the Flavour Screening tool is to present all the potential offers at the same time to a small sample of consumers (between 200 and 300 people according to the number of competing offers), who will then test the different offers they would potentially purchase.

This procedure makes it possible to obtain a global and detailed evaluation of all the possible alternatives for a range and provides a performance indicator for each offer.

The different alternatives are ranked according to this indicator, with…
in top position: the most consensual offers in terms of appeal of the concept and the most effective from an organoleptic standpoint,
in bottom position: the niche offers that segment the concept and are disappointing in terms of taste.

Special organoleptic aspects, whether positive or negative, of the different competing offers are then identified based on information gathered by means of a user or consumer log completed by respondents for each product they have chosen to test.

This approach is systematically completed by a TURF evaluation which details the information obtained from the Screening highlighting, based on the supposed purchase and purchase intention and frequency scores, the complementarity of the new offers and their position in relation to existing offers.

The Research Plan

Example of a presentation of flavour screening findings