The concept workshop

The concept workshop
An interactive client - consumer approach to concept optimisation

Developing a new concept and optimising it so that it exactly matches the expectations of a target group of consumers is often a long and difficult process. A precise positioning corresponding to an identified expectation (a "consumer insight") needs to be defined for the new concept, and this positioning expressed in a clear manner that can easily be appropriated by the consumer. A variety of issues can be considered:

The concepts drawn up are based on a precise expectation, but are we capable of expressing this expectation clearly enough for the consumers in the target group to be able to relate to in the wording ?

The promise needs to be written in language which is immediately comprehensible by the consumer, and not just by "experts" in the product.

Often just a word or an expression needs to be changed in order to alter consumers' reactions completely. The process of optimisation is therefore a very meticulous one that takes into account all the words in the concept.

• Quantitative testing needs to be carried out on totally finalised concepts, at a stage when lots of different options are still possible.

Our proposed methodology