Repères recruits
Repères is a company that generates rigorous, operational market studies.

These aspects of our practice – a commitment to quality, methodological research, actionable results and their clear transmission to clients – define our identity.

We like service, interpersonal contact, innovation, operational research, real communication.

We listen, respect, support our clients and develop for them methods offering truly actionable results.

A study only has value in our eyes if it really meets the needs of our client, and if it can do so in the allotted timelines.

That’s why at Repères it’s important to love marketing research, to really want to conduct studies and communicate them with precision and clarity, putting all one’s skills at the service of the client.

It’s important to be able to question oneself, to innovate, to acquire new skills and to want to evolve within the company.

In view of our development, positions are currently available in all sectors.

So now you know who we are. Who are you?

By email, send us a resume accompanied by a supporting letter at