The Repères Quantitative Department provides customised answers in clear language leading to real operational recommendations. Intervening in national and international marketing studies, the Repères Quantitative Department offers its clients a high level of implication based on three qualities:

Real listening capacity, making it possible to get a detailed grasp of the problems of the clients
Experienced staff, trained in research and advertising, who guarantee the choice of the best protocols
Acknowledged creative input and the flexibility for updating the methodology and tools to provide the most appropriate solutions.


The Repères Quantitative Department adapts its services to the client's needs while taking into account budgetary constraints. These services cover the following areas:

An understanding of markets: use and attitudes studies, point-of-sale studies
The development of new products: concept tests and screenings, identification of customer needs, composition/optimisation of product ranges (TURF)
Product tests: tests of formulas (evaluation vs. competition, validation of cost reduction solutions or improvement of formulas), preference mapping and segmentation of preferences
Development and optimisation of the mix: assessment and renovation of packaging, tests of names, pricing research
Brand management: image assessment

The Tools

The Repères Quantitative Department provides its clients with optimised traditional research tools but also with innovative research techniques developed in collaboration with its heritage partners: Emotional Monitoring®, the Expert Pack®, flavour screenings, add+impact®, etc.


Catherine Schutz-Bussat : c.schutz@reperes.net
and Antoine Mery : a.mery@reperes.net

Quantitative Fieldwork