usages & attitudes studies

An in-depth understanding of
your consumers and market

The aim of "Usage & Attitude" studies is to enrich marketing team's knowledge of consumers' behaviours and the attitudes that underlie them, and to reveal met and unmet needs.

This data and the trends in it over time are capital, for they enable us to identify the opportunities in a market and guide marketing strategy, from Research & Development through to advertising.

A "Usage & Attitude" study involves establishing an exhaustive panorama of consumers' attitudes (what they want, what they think) and their usages (what they do).

Our approach:
Reflection prior to the project about the issues in hand and the hierarchy of the priorities to investigate.
• Several methodologies conducted in synergy: Ethology, qualitative exploration, quantification of attitudes and behaviours.

An in-depth exploration of attitudes and behaviours

A reliable and precise quantification of attitudes and behaviours

Customised analysis
Ongoing help with exploitation of the results