Our Credo/Our Philosophy

Repères cultivates its passion for research by respecting four values essential to the quality of its work, the recognition of its clients and the development of its staff.

High Standards
Reliable and in-depth information with clear reporting and operational recommendations: Repères is committed to producing the best possible studies by setting for itself a high level of quality at each phase of an assignment. The whole process of the production of a study is certified compliant with the approved French market standard "Market studies and opinion polls" (ISO 20252).

Honesty and Code of Ethics
Repères provides its clients with all the elements needed to understand, with the highest degree of transparency, its methods and results. Its code of ethics has earned it a high level of trust among its historic clients.

Working in Partnership
Trust, attention and understanding in an equitable relationship: these are the fundamental values that enable Repères to build a durable and fruitful relationship as a partner with all of its clients. Working in partnership also means internally pooling quantitative, qualitative and data mining expertise, etc.

A Permanent Quest for Progress
A key value for Repères, innovation concerns exploring new territories as well as new methods. Thanks to the great diversity of the profiles of its staff, Repères creates new tools and constantly rethinks its processes. But progress is also an internal value: the growth of Repères relies on a rigorous and stimulating HR policy ensuring all members of staff are able to fully achieve their potential.