Created in 1980 by Nadie de Saint-Jores, Repères initially focused its activities on product tests and the optimisation of the marketing mix.
The intelligence of its approach has enabled it over the years to develop a demanding and loyal clientele in the field of consumer goods, services and new technologies. This recognition has enabled Repères over time to widen its scope of action to international research, principally in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and America. Today, 40% of the turnover of Repères comes from international research studies.

The development of Internet and of new technologies is for Repères a major base for the development of new modes of information collection.
Its most recent innovations led to it being selected in 2006, 2007 and 2008 at the Esomar congress to present the implementation of its research methods :

In 2006: presentation of the tool Emotional Monitoring® which makes it possible to follow over time the emotions that a brand provokes in the mind of the consumer.

In 2007: presentation of the introduction of Repères into the virtual world of Second Life®, providing access to a panel of over 10 000 residents.

In 2008: presentation of the VideoEtude©, making it possible to get up close to the consumer by studying verbal and non-verbal communication at the same time.