The Repères qualitative Department conducts ad hoc research, employing a wide range of methods, techniques and skills. The quality and keenness of its analysis is due to:

A team strengthened by complementary sensitivities and profiles from a diversity of backgrounds (marketing, the media, sociology, psychology, the arts)
Curiosity concerning all research topics, resulting in a perceptive approach without preconceptions.
Confirmed expertise internationally.
Implication over time in research upstream and downstream.


The Repères Qualitative Department offers customised operational solutions by choosing or developing investigative techniques adapted to each problem.

Exploratory research, motivation studies, ethnographic observational studies and point-of-sale research to understand the markets.
Creativity studies and positioning research for the development of new products.
Searching for descriptors, links between preference segments and psychological profiles for optimisation in product designs.
Tests for advertising campaigns, communication tools, packaging and mix optimisation.
Image research for brand management.

The Tools

With a culture rooted in theory and a rigorous methodological approach, the Qualitative Department at Repères is permanently researching on the tools it employs:

Traditional methodologies.
New approaches and tools for gathering information (blogs, networks, testimonials...).
New techniques for analysing and communicating findings.
The integration of verbal and non-verbal joint analysis.

Development of Methods

Qualitatif Fieldwork