The fruit of 20 years of experience in cosmetics research (mass market, pharmacy and luxury products), Repères Beauty works in many different segments: facial care, make-up, perfume, beauty-care, and positions itself as a privileged partner in strategic brand research: repositioning, brand evolution, image change and the launch into new segments such as organic products.

In these areas, Repères specialises in:
Understanding markets
Developing new products
Testing products
Developing and optimising the mix
Brand management


Repères Beauty benefits from real expertise in its field. Its capacity to listen and fully grasp the client's problems enables it to play a role as a partner-consultant involved at every stage of the research.
Exploratory studies, Point-of-sale and Uses and Attitudes studies to understand the markets.
The development and testing of concepts, identification of expectations, screening of concepts, analysis of sensorial perceptions for the development of new products.
Tests of formulas (in launch or in renovation), sniff tests, preference mapping and segmentation of preferences for product tests.
Evaluation/renovation of packaging, communication testing, price sensitivity for mix optimisation.
Brand image assessment.

The Tools

Repères Beauty employs quantitative and qualitative methods, and conducts studies in France and abroad.
The company also has its own cosmetics online panel with more than 10000 net surfers.

The Team

Repères Beauty is composed of two sections
- the "luxury/selective/health" section
- the "mass-market" section

Each section is managed by a Director of Research who, from the commissioning of the project, is your prime contact, constantly liaising with you, thus guaranteeing the quick response and flexibility needed in cosmetics projects.
Interactivity is ensured by the project managers who deal with all support issues and ensure the satisfactory running of the project (from the brief to the results of the analysis). The team is committed to providing for each study, operational recommendations but also a follow-up in the form of reflections and exchanges.

Repères Beauty is headed by Christian Hardy whose 20 years of experience in cosmetics guarantees a contextualised understanding of the data to optimise and strengthen the positioning of your product or brand.



Christian Hardy, Directeur du Pôle Cosmétique Repères


Quantitative Fieldwork