Repères on an international scale

Repères conduct international research in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and in the USA.

For these specific studies, we work with partners we know well and who resemble us (mid-sized companies, using innovative methods, whose executives are genuinely involved in the research).

Established in the area, specialists in the field, they work in the same sectors as us, are familiar with our techniques, adhere to our philosophy and our professional principles, and respect the same quality standards.

The quality of our international research is guaranteed by the project managership that we ensure by always taking charge of the key steps.

Project managership, by choosing the methodology, by developing the tools, by supervising the translations.

Monitoring fieldwork, by defining monitoring procedures with the partner institute, by moderating or observing the focus groups and interviews.

Computer processing, of the quantitative data via centralised processing for all the countries.

Analysis and synthesis, after debriefing with the project managers on site.

Presentation of the results, highlighting the differences and the similarities between countries.